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PCG Everyday Explained – What is our innovative powdered microgreen supplement, what are the potential benefits and how does it work?

The PCG Everyday microgreen supplement’s unique, all-natural formulation aims to improve nutrition based on our understanding of how the human body functions, particularly the digestive and respiratory systems.

PCG Everyday provides, by blending herbs and micro-vegetables together in very specific quantities, stimulation to the gut to develop and grow the different microbes and enzymes that it needs to effectively break down the daily foods we consume. Our approach has not simply been that microgreens are high in minerals and vitamins, therefore, they must be good for you. Our approach is instead based on a scientific understanding of how plants produce important compounds. Compounds that our bodies can work with in the digestive system.

We have worked with an understanding of human biology, our digestive system, brain function, neurology, heart/respiratory, and physical muscular-skeletal functionality. By breaking down body function to gut, brain, and heart/respiratory system, it provided a platform to go back to basics of ‘you are what you eat.’ This approach has delivered great results during consumer trials.

PCG Everyday microgreen supplement and Gut Health

The digestive system is an extremely powerful system that creates the energy for and supports the brain, heart, respiratory systems, and physical movement. For example, we understand that good gut health can, for example, help to support our emotional health.

Our digestive system or gut is essentially a long tube, divided into different sections that each focuses on doing a specific job. The mouth, the stomach, the intestines, duodenum, etc., they all have specific roles. Each section breaks down and absorbs foodstuffs such as starch, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, sugars.

Our gut is full of bacteria and enzymes, as well as acid and digestive fluids, including saliva.

These all need to be functioning in harmony through the production of lots of different enzymes and microbes. This is delivered through the body primarily via the bloodstream, so it is really important to have a healthy gut and blood that is not clogged up with toxins.

If our guts and digestive system are kept healthy, they will work to maintain a healthy balance of how our brain functions, affecting our daily emotions, feelings of wellbeing, energy, and drive for life as well as sleep patterns. A healthy gut also supports a strong immune system to help fight off bugs, viruses, and other potential life-changing illnesses by making sure our unique bodily systems are kept in good health.

PCG Everyday Explained – What is our innovative powdered microgreen supplement, what are the potential benefits and how does it work?The Science

The science of how each of these systems works with PCG Everyday is the essence of our living being.

For example, the body needs to produce certain amino acids and enzymes that break down foodstuffs into their basic components. Our bodies cannot produce these without foodstuffs that contain the key ingredients each unique enzyme or amino acid requires.

Pure Concentrated Goodness has developed PCG Everyday as a formulation that responds to some targeted challenges we have in everyday life, such as recovering from illnesses where our bodies have been challenged by ingesting antibiotics, steroids, and other synthesized medicines.

Health benefits of PCG

There are a number of health benefits of PCG Everyday. Microgreens (AKA Micro vegetables) have a range of proven health benefits. They are, of course, also nutritious. PCG Everyday has a careful blend of Microgreens, herbs, and spices with a focus on gut health.

Gut Health

  • PCG Everyday has benefits for gut health. Improved gut health, in turn, has benefits for all other aspects of the bodily system.
  • Our microgreen supplement can help with irritated bowels. By helping to provide the vagal nerve system with the micronutrients that the guts need to support its enzymes and amino acids. Allowing the bowel to function by helping it produce billions of microbes in the gut that produce the mucus that not only protects the lining from bad bacteria but also acts as the filter into the bloodstream.
  • PCG Everyday can help reduce enlarged fatty liver, inflammation, and digestive issues such as IBS, constipation, indigestion.
  • PCG Everyday can help with diuretic symptoms, through a combination of herbs and micro vegetables. We have created a formulation that is proving to be successful in helping those with constipation as well as UTI conditions triggered by low levels of healthy internal microbes and enzymes that allow bad bacteria to become embedded in our systems, causing long-term problems. Our unique formulation targets this and helps to promote a healthier environment within the body to fight off Urinary Tract Infections but also reduce inflammation in the gut or bladder, that can trigger constipation or excessive opening of bowels.

Diet and fitness

  • PCG Everyday can stimulate the body to reduce fluid retention and oedema, stabilize sugar cravings and support your body system holistically to deliver more energy.
  • We have found through our research that by taking our microgreen supplement regularly in the morning at breakfast has helped many to reduce if not stop experiencing sugar cravings during the day and feel less hungry.
  • Improve energy levels for those experiencing fatigue or simply wanting to improve their physical performance through targeted diet improvements.

Emotional/ Mental Benefits

  • Anxiety and depression are unpleasant for those suffering from those conditions. Through helping to support how the body rebalances the production of key chemicals such as dopamine, endorphin, adrenaline, cortisol, noradrenaline. It can help reduce those symptoms and be part of helping improve someone’s emotional wellbeing.
  • By providing the right ingredients to help stimulate amino-acids, enzymes and neural activity PCG Everyday can help support brain function.
  • PCG Everyday may help to rebalance the digestive systems to encourage regulation for sleep patterns.

Beauty Health

  • PCG has shown to improve hair condition and nail condition for those taking it daily.
  • Can help skin remain healthy.
  • Greens and Vitamin A may help ease symptoms of acne.

Specific Disease

  • Microgreens and nutrients in the formulation of PCG Everyday have been shown to have anti-cancer benefits.
  • Evidence suggests the microgreens included within the formulation of PCG Everyday helping with diabetes.
  • The nutrients within our microgreen supplement reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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