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Embracing Sustainability with PCG Everyday Super Greens

Discover PCG Everyday sustainable Super Greens, grown with sustainable hydroponic methods. Join us on our eco-conscious journey to a greener, healthier tomorrow.

Join our Sustainable Super Greens Movement

Good for you, good for the earth!

At PCG, we’re not just about providing premium nutrition; we’re deeply committed to making choices that nurture both your well-being and our planet. Therefore our journey towards sustainability is rooted in every leaf of PCG Everyday’s sustainable Super Greens, and we’re excited to share this green transformation with you.

Sustainable Growing Methods

Our sustainable super greens are cultivated through cutting-edge hydroponic farming. This method for instance significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional agriculture. Furthermore, with 72% less water consumption and in addition to zero pesticide use, we’re proud to say that our greens are grown with care for the environment.

Your Choice Matters

When you choose PCG Everyday’s sustainable super greens, you’re making a conscious choice for your wellbeing and above all, the planet. Join us in our mission to live harmoniously with nature, one green scoop at a time.

A Greener, Healthier Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability is a testament to our belief in a greener, healthier future. Let’s journey together towards a world where above all, wellness and environmental consciousness go hand in hand.

DId you know?

The ingredients for PCG Everyday super greens are grown, processed and packaged within 1.5 miles of our working farm as the crow flies! A true testament to our methods and sustainability efforts.

Partnering with One Tribe

Joining Forces with One Tribe

To further our sustainability efforts, we’ve joined One Tribe (TR1BE), a climate action platform. With their help, we’ve calculated the carbon footprint of every product we offer, from seed to smoothie. Through this partnership, we’re actively working to further reduce our emissions and ensure responsible sourcing.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

By connecting our store to the One Tribe Climate Action API, we go a step beyond. Every time you choose PCG Everyday Super Greens, fractionalised offsets are contributing to overcompensate for the carbon footprint of your purchase. It’s our way of giving back to the planet while you enjoy the benefits of our greens.

Certified Impact

We believe in transparency. All customer transactions with us fund certified nature-based and community offset projects worldwide. Furthermore, we’re not just reducing our footprint; we’re contributing to global biodiversity, protecting and above all regenerating the environment.

The Perfect Blend of Micronutrients to Give Your Mind, Body & Soul its Daily Boost

We’ve developed a nutrient rich powder that helps to balance your gut and body. Using herbs and micro vegetables that are freeze dried at harvest enables maximum vitamin and mineral content to be retained.