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The Science Behind Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics: Our Way of Growing

Hydroponic Growing Definition:

Relating to or involving hydroponics, the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid.


Our hydroponic growing journey is built on innovation and dedication. The origins of Pure Concentrated Goodness lay in family farming. We’ve embraced a sustainable approach that champions eco-friendliness while delivering unparalleled nutrition. However, there’s more to it than just sustainable farming. Our hydroponic system ensures that every super green thrives in an optimal environment, receiving the precise nutrients needed for robust growth. Furthermore, by eliminating the variables of traditional farming, we’re able to produce super greens of exceptional quality and consistency. This was achieved by building our own innovative vertical hydroponic farming units. By combining the purest most concentrated greens with innovative hydroponics and eco-friendly methods we’re setting a new standard for wellness. Dive deeper into the marvels of hydroponic farming with PCG and unlock the secrets to truly nourishing your body.

Hydroponic Growing is our preferred method

Hydroponic Growing

Cultivating Without Soil

At PCG, we’ve adopted hydroponic growing, a soil-less cultivation method we believe to be the future of farming. This technique relies on growing plants and vegetables in nutrient-rich water solutions to deliver essential minerals and nutrients directly to the roots of our crops. Hydroponic growing removes any issues associated with soil and traditional agricultural methods by decreasing soil erosion, reducing water waste, the impact of clearing land to grow and damage from animals, insects and parasites present in soil. Hydroponic growth takes places in controlled environment reducing the risk of insects and cross contamination from nuts and seeds. The result? Faster growth, increased yields, precise nutrients and above all minimal environmental impact.

Hydroponic Growing of crops at PCG

Sustainable Sourcing

A Greener Tomorrow

At PCG, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. For instance, our hydroponic growing system uses significantly less water compared to traditional farming methods. We source our energy from renewable providers, minimise waste through efficient practices and keep our carbon footprint impressively low. We’re committed to preserving the planet while providing you with the healthiest super greens.

Hydroponic Growing & watering

Precision Farming

The Art of Control

Precision farming is at the heart of our hydroponic growing system. With meticulous control over variables such as light, temperature, humidity and nutrient delivery, we create the perfect growing conditions for our super greens. This fine-tuned approach allows us to consistently produce greens with exceptional flavour, quality and nutritional value.

Hydroponic Growing

Nutrient-Rich Results

The hydroponic technique isn’t just about efficient growth; it’s about nutrient density. Therefore by delivering precisely measured nutrients to our crops, we ensure that every batch of Pure Concentrated Goodness’ Everyday Super Greens are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In other words, it’s a difference you can taste and feel.

Hydroponic Growing Methods

Sustainable Greens

Join the sustainable greens movement!

Explore the science behind hydroponic growing at PCG.

In conclusion, our commitment to innovation, precision, and sustainability is what sets us apart. Join us on a journey that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for wellness and environmental responsibility.

Hydroponic Growing
PCG Everyday is a complex blend of 16 carefully and scientifically chosen crops selected for their nutritional qualities and their enhanced benefits when consumed together in precise formulations.

Did you know?

The seeds for all of the microgreen crops spend the first 3 days in the dark. However, our sweetcorn grows entirely in the dark! Grow cycles vary across the crops but the majority have a grow cycle from seed to harvest of between just 9 – 14 days, making the hydroponic growing process very economical on water and energy usage.

Did you know?

The majority of the crops are grown in 100% Peat Free organic coir compost, which is itself a by-product of the food chain and is sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Once the crop is harvested the spent coir compost is then disposed of locally on the surrounding farmland.

Did you know?

Crops pass from harvesting to the freezing process in a matter of hours ensuring retention of vital nutrients.

Crops are freeze dried prior to blending which therefore removes 95% of the moisture content but retains their nutritional, aromatic and flavour qualities.

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